Stray cat nursed its pregnant lover

The couple was found in the street – the male and female cat was hungry, shabby, and dirty, though it was obvious they had once lived with a family. They had been left on the street together with a carrier, so the owners decided to get rid of them… It turned out the kitty was pregnant.

This loving feline couple was picked up on the streets of Oregon, USA, next to a carrier. The male and female cat were dirty and shabby, but friendly enough. There was a strong bond between them, and people immediately noticed it and decided to help.

Kind passers-by contacted the Salem Friends of Felines shelter and the couple was taken there. After an examination, the female cat was found to be pregnant. The male cat stayed by her side the whole time, gently guarding and supporting her.

The kitty was named Betty and the male cat was named Yeti, and the couple was then sent to a shelter. There they spent even more time together. After a while, Betty gave birth to four adorable babies.

While Betty was taking care of her offspring, Yeti was also always there to help her cope. When Mum needed a break, Yeti took on a little more responsibility each time and looked after the kittens, helping his beloved to take a break from the hassle.

The kittens have grown up healthy and active, and the parents have always been there for them. The lovers have more time to themselves – and they still do a lot of things together. At the moment, homes have already been found for the grown-up kittens, and Betty and Yeti are waiting for their permanent family – of course, the volunteers will only give them to a new home together!

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